MHRA Approved

The day we’ve been waiting for is here, we have official notification from the UK MRHA that we are “on the list”.  Any ‘bricks and mortar’ shop or online vape shop can now order off us with complete confidence – can you say that about your current suppliers?  TPD may be a curse to many, but we strongly believe its regulating an industry which needed some regulation. Check your suppliers are registered with them here

Increased use of e-cigarettes would assist smokers to quit, study finds

The Health Information and Quality Authority has said that an increased use of e-cigarettes by smokers trying to quit “would increase the number of people who successfully quit compared with the existing situation in Ireland”. For the first time e-cigarettes are included in a study on the cost effectiveness of aids for quitting smoking in Ireland. The study found the most effective way to quit smoking is a combination of Varenicline, a prescription-only medication, along with nicotine replacement therapy including nicotine gum, [...]

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