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60ml Shortfills

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What is a Shortfill E-Liquid and what do I need to do to use it?

You will have already noticed I’m sure that a number of e-liquid manufacturers, including us, are selling shortfill e-liquids – but what are they and what do you need to know about them?

Put very simply, a shortfill e-liquid is a 0mg juice, in a bottle but not filled to its full capacity – we for example sell 60ml bottles shortfilled to 50ml and 100ml bottles shortfilled to 80ml.

Why? The Tobacco Products Directive stioulates that a product containing nicotine must not exceed 10ml, by having a 50ml liquid in a 60ml bottle there is sufficient empty space for you to add a 10ml “nic shot” which makes the liquid up to a 60ml 3mg juice – add 2 nic shots to a 80m shortfill and you get 100ml of 3mg.

If you need a 6mg end product you will need to remove an additional 10ml of liquid from the 50ml and add 2 nic shots, and if you need 6mg in a 80ml shortfill you’ll need to remove an additional 20ml and add a total of 4 nic shots. Generally we find that most customers are only looking for 3mg juice however.

If you have any questions just contact us through the online chat and we can advise.